Glory to Ukraine!

I was recently asked to suggest several documentary films about social movements that would be a convenient followup to an MA course on the topic. Social movements are more less perfect setting to place a documentary film in: there are goal oriented protagonists, there is an antagonist, events inevitably progress and we are kept in suspense weather the... Continue Reading →

Rouch-the-camera, me-the-surfer

At certain innocent point in my life when I was suddenly aware of where I live and became radically disenchanted with Europe, I wanted to escape for California and start surfing, moving my anxieties to a remote beach. This idea came from a girl who, obviously, had never seen any other than Adriatic shallow coast and waves... Continue Reading →

Sound matters

I believe that of all the parts that at the end come together as a film (ethnographic, documentary, commercial, feature, animated) the most invisible one is sound. With the invisibility comes the lack of appreciation for sound in films. However, without good sound recording, design and mix even the most beautiful pictures, best scenarios and... Continue Reading →

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